Add "Mark for PO" On Completed Service Appointments

  • 11 December 2023
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Monday Morning Problem:

I don’t know what happened in Acumatica over the weekend, but here is our issue:

Service Appointments marked as “Completed” no longer allow us to add new inventory items and “Mark for PO”.

This may seem strange that we want to do that, but we have been doing it for quite some time already. We mark the appointment completed when the log is complete and we need the time to go onto the service technician’s time sheet.  Up until today we were able to add items to order on the appointment, and then add a separate log later when the technician returns to install the ordered part.

Is there a setting that we can change and allow “Mark for PO” Items to be added? The frustrating pain point that other people have talked about: If we “Reopen” The appointment, we completely loose the tracked employee time in the log.

4 replies

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HI @bzelinski 

Did you recently upgrade over the weekend or add a new customization?

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@Kandy Beatty , We didn’t do one over the weekend, but we did one earlier last week related to Acumatica Payments. They are completely different parts of Acumatica, so I don’t think that should have affected the Service Side.

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Hi @bzelinski were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Hackett. Thanks for following up. No solution at this point.


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