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  • 18 January 2024
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Hello everyone, I have some errors importing my snapshot, the size of the file is about 312MB,

my build version is 22.207.0013, after de error I increased some fields length manually in sql server and Reset de cache in the ERP. I am still having the same error. Any Idea?.


the trace


3 replies

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Is the snapshot in XML or Binary format? You can try looking for the specific values in case it is XML. Usually, address lines have 255 as the character number.

Do you have any customizations, altering the field length?

Changing the length in the database only will not solve the issue. You most likely need to extend the length in the corresponding DACs too.


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thank you very much Samvel, Yes I imported XML and Binary format in any case I found the same result. Also I increased the field length on tables in database manually, then I imported the snapshot with the same result. Yes I have many Customizations that altered many tables length fields, usually in address fields, for that reason I created a new local site and I published this local site with customization packages as our production site in order to respect the new field lengths then I tried to import the snapshot with the problem above. Oh! yes the DACs length an important issue, I reviewed the new DACs and its ok too. Samvel, curiously I made a Database Backup and everything went right but importing the snapshot its still an issue.  Thank you very much I needed to review DACs.

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Hi @victorcerecero were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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