Sales Discount Code - Create Sales Discount for only the first 10 qty; 11 qty is Full price.

  • 30 January 2023
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A2022 R2

Would like to setup a Discount code that only applies for the first 10 qty.  

Our goal is 

if order was for 11,  Line Price = $110 ( = 11 * $10 )

Discount = $50.   (10 * $10 * 50%) 


I can setup the Discount qty Break point for zero to 10 at 50%.

Discount 11 to 100 at 0%, but when entering an order for 10 or below it works

but enter greater than 11, the discount is zero.  

Any ideas?

Or we could enter the Discount Qty on the Discount Tab,  but that field is non editable.




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7 replies

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but enter greater than 11, the discount is zero.  

This sounds like what you’re after. What am I missing?

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Acumatica is calculating a zero discount.


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Maybe we’re missing each other on terms here, but what I hear you saying is that you’d like quantities of 10 or less to be reduced by 50% [regular price - (regular price * 0.5)], but quantities greater than 10 to pay full price.


What I also hear you saying is that the on quantities greater than 10, Acumatica is calculating a 0% discount. A 0% discount [regular price - (regular price * 0.0)] IS full price.


My confusion is that it sounds like it is doing exactly what you want. I think either I’m confused what you’re wanting, or you’re confused by Acumatica’s terms 🙂


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Hi, Acumatica is calculating based upon the rule; but this is not what we need.

We would like to have the discount to be $50 we order 11 , 12 or more.  Acumatica is calculating zero.  I can jump on a Teams if you like.  

    50 % for 1st 10  
QTY Sale Price Acumatica Calc Discount Desired Discount
10 10 50 50
12 10 0 50
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If I am understanding correctly, in an order of 12 items, you want to discount the first 10 by 50%. In other words, for any quantity greater than 10, you want to discount it by a fixed amount of $50.


If this is correct, you could configure a discount code to ‘discount by amount’ and ‘break by quantity’. Set the break quantity to 10 and the amount to $50.

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then do I need to do an amount per qty.

qty 1 discount amount 5

qty 2 discount amount 10 

qty 3 discount amount 15


Qty 10 discount amount 50 to 99

I have multiple items with different pricing,  Can I create one sequence for Amount , then another for Percent for the same Item CLass, Customer Class combo?


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For the quantities less than 10, use 'discount by percent' (50%) and 'break by quantity' (1 item).


I believe this will discount 1-9 items by 50% and then 10+ will be discounted by $50


My expertise here is somewhat limited, but I believe you can double up a lot of those codes across the same subsets of data.


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