Need help in fixing row height of the grid and pagination

  • 16 June 2022
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In Document details tab of Sales Order screen, we are displaying the images of the item, and using java script we are able to set the height of the image also.(

Right now we didn’t have any pagination, because of the below issue we are facing.

If set the pagination and if we have 20 line items, we could able to see 5 item in gird by default but when go to fifth record and click on down arrow the cursor is showing us the 6th line item which is hiding below somehow, i think technically it should take us to the next page, which is happening correctly in other girds in which we doesn’t show any images. 

2 replies

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To be a little more clear, we are asking for help in whether it’s possible to have the grid with images behave similar to when there are no images when it comes to pagination.

So currently, let’s say the grid delivers back 20 records per page, but once the images load in, say only 10 show up in the initial view. Normally without images, as you resize the window, the records per page change as does the pagination. So as you get to the bottom of the gird, and click the down arrow for example, it will auto load the next page.


BUT as the images load in, it changes the height of the records/rows but does not re-initialize the view/pagination. Instead, the records that don’t fit in the initial view are further below which causes great confusion and poor UX. 


So we are asking/wondering if it’s possible to tap into Acumatica’s core functionality for how it auto re-initializes the view based on the records that actually show in the viewing pane.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @ckwiat46 - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!


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