Move material already issued to a production order to a new location for inspection

  • 11 August 2022
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Sometimes it is found that material already issued to a production order is not good.

It needs to be moved out of WIP and off of the production order into an inspection warehouse or location.

It needs to be inspected at this point to determine if it will be returned to vendor, credit requested, or it can somehow be used.

What transaction will allow us to to return this specific material into inventory, not to the original location but to a new inspection warehouse or location?

If it is found to be defective, how do we return it to the vendor since the original PO receipt is complete?



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6 replies

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@ltussing03 you should be able to do a negative move transaction back into inventory and update the warehoouse to the warehoouse you would like to return to. 

For the purchase return piece - I’m going to move this over to the Distribution Forum. @Dana Moffat 

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To initiate a return of defective material to your vendor, from the PO Receipt, click Return:


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There are two parts to this: 

Part 1: Moving moving the materials from WIP and into an inspection location while also reversing the costs from the production order:  

Create a Material Transaction to remove the items from the production order.  You won’t be able to use the wizard for this but you can start a Material transaction manually from the menu.  Use negative quantities and the warehouse/location you want it recorded in, such as your inspection location.   (If there are a lot of line items, you could use the export to Excel button from your original material tran and then upload it into your new material tran.)

This will remove the material from WIP.



Part 2: Returning the materials.

Either open the Purchase Receipt the material was received on and click the RETURN button (or select Return from the More menu if you don’t have a button), OR you can create a new return manually (good if the items were originally on multiple receipts) by setting the Type to Return on a new purchase receipt transaction.

Set the Warehouse/Location to match where the inventory is recorded, such as your inspection location, and release.  This will remove the inventory, and create a debit in your purchases accrual that you can later match to the credit from the vendor, just like you would match a receipt to an AP Bill.  


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Marked @KristenSchneider as best answer.  Nice explanation with screenshots - thanks!

Hi, I had exactly the same scenario and followed the above steps, however I receive the below error when trying to release the return. 

This item does reflect in stock in the correct warehouse and location the receipt being referred to in the error was released. Am I missing something.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is the original receipt and purchase receipt.


I further investigated after my question yesterday and found that if I use the “Cost by Issue Strategy” under the cost of inventory return from, I am able to release the return.

I would just like to know why the system does not allow me to return at original or manual cost?



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