Is there an import scenario out there to allocate lot/serialized items at SO line level


I have a WIP import scenario that works if and only if the serial number that is being allocated is Available for Shipping, with is correct, but if one of the serials I am trying to allocate is not available the whole import scenario fails and no serials get allocated at all even the available ones.

I get this error “ The record was not processed because of an error during processing of the previous record” 

Thank you for anything that might help me get to the bottom of this.



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Did you try turning off Break on Error on the Import Scenario? 


Thank you @RoyceLithgo 

Yes, that is set off but still fails on first error it finds. 


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You can make the error row Inactive and continue with the remaining data. Might be a little painful though depending on the number of errors found. 

Or you could enable Validate data to check the data first and then fix all the errors before doing the real import (or inactivate those rows that are invalid if you don’t know the actual lot nbr). It’s on the Details tab under Options.


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Hi @nperez94 


Try toggle the option ‘Break on error’ and ‘Break on Incorrect target’ and try again, i.e., check the options, save. Uncheck the option again and save the scenario.

Try import. It should mark the records as processed for the ones that import correctly. 

Though following error comes, good records should get imported. You can check the imported records.



Thank you @vkumar and @RoyceLithgo for your feedback. I have tried all of that and yes it is very painful specially when I am trying to bring in about 1000 serials for 370 items (so lines) in a single SO.

So, If I think about the manual process, Acumatica would not let me move to the next line if a serial# is not available, so that means that the only way my import scenario would work is IF and ONLY IF all serials exist.


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@nperez94 if you can’t get this working with an import scenario, I may be able to help you with scripting it for import via the REST api. Let me know if you were able to solve your issues or not and we can discuss.


Thank you @rosenjon 

The import scenario works if and only if the serial to be allocated is available, and no I have not been able to figure out whenever a serial is not available.  I am not familiar with the REST api. what does it imply?

Thank you

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You’re running into a pretty classic data import problem. A different version of it might be trying to link a Contact to a Customer that hasn’t been created inside the system yet.

One approach would be ensuring that all of the serialized items you are attempting to add to sales orders already exist in the system and are Available For Shipping before trying to add it to an order. So one way the REST api might be handy is we could query the system for the necessary allocated inventory before attempting to add it to the sales order line.

Before we choose an approach, however, can you fill us in a little on the state of your system? Is this a system that is live currently (i.e. receiving shipments, shipping product, etc)? I guess I’m trying to understand why you would run into a situation where the inventory you are trying to allocate to a sales order line would not be Available for Shipping (i.e. you are importing data from a legacy system, where some of the inventory that needs to be linked up has been sold long ago, so it’s not “Available for Shipping”)?






Hi @rosenjon 

Thanks again for your valuable feedback.

We are LIVE and there have been son “issues” with the availability rules so that’s why we have been facing this allocation issues. 

We have paused it for now and might visit it again soon.

Thanks again


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 Hi @nperez94 were you able to resolve your issue? Thank you!


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