Combining shipment lines of the same inventory ID

  • 11 August 2022
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Have noticed that when it comes to shipping our manufactured items, the Shipment document will split one shipped item ID into multiple lines, which corresponds to one for each quantity we produced under Move/Labor under Manufacturing.

I presume this is because an allocation is created for each Move/Labor document, as opposed to the gross produced quantity as a whole.

Needless to say, this can get rather messy when shipping, if for example we manufacture 1 units per day for 60 days. When we ship the 60 units, we end up with a long Shipment document of 60 lines of the identical item with 1 qty each and a puzzled freight carrier.

Is there any way of consolidating the Shipment document to present this as one shipment line based solely on the Inventory ID?

Thanks in advance!

6 replies

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Hi @kokjietan 

I tested this in my local because I was curious as I’ve never seen that. I was able to ship with just the one line item. I looked for a setting and could not find one.

Do you have any customizations with regards to the manufacturing in your instance?

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Hi @kbeatty21

We do have some customizations, but none which should affect the Shipment and Manufacturing modules as far as I’m aware.

May I ask if your SO Line Details appears similar to ours, ie. one for each Move/Labor document? 

 This seems to result in the multiple shipment lines.

For information, our settings are - Average item valuation, no lot tracking, regular Sales Order, Back Order allowed and Marked for Production.

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What version (Acumatica Build) are you running?

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We're currently on the initial release build of Acumatica 2022R1, but I've asked our VAR to schedule an update to the latest build this week to resolve some known issues.

Anything in mind? I did peruse the build release notes earlier, but haven't found anything related to this.

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From what I can tell the labor/move creating multiple allocations has been standard for many versions.  Perhaps how Shipments are created has changed - Let’s see the if the Distribution thread can provide guidance.

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Hi @kokjietan - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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