Ability to Sign and Confirm a Shipment on the Mobile app in one action

  • 24 January 2024
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I dont think this is possible but worth asking. The Customer wants to select one action on the Mobile app that will prompt for a Signature and Confirm the Shipment.

I can get to work by two actions on the mobile app but dont believe it can be performed in 1.

add screen SO302000 {
  add container "ShipmentSummary" {
    formActionsToExpand = 2
    add recordAction "SignReport" {
      behavior = SignReport
      displayName = "Sign"
    add recordAction "ConfirmShipmentAction" {
      behavior = Record
    displayName = "Confirm"


My other thought was to do a Business Event to confirm the Shipment based on the Shipment having a file attachment that starts with signature


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This is completely conceptual, but what if you designed it similar to this?

add screen SO302000 {
add container "ShipmentSummary" {
formActionsToExpand = 1
add recordAction "SignAndConfirm" {
displayName = "Sign and Confirm"
behavior = Custom
requestConfirmation = true
action = {
add recordAction "SignReport" {
behavior = SignReport
invisible = true
add recordAction "ConfirmShipmentAction" {
behavior = Record
invisible = true
postAction = "Refresh"

In this hypothetical example:

  • We define a new action called SignAndConfirm.
  • This action has a custom behavior and will request confirmation from the user before proceeding.
  • Within this action, we sequentially add the SignReport and ConfirmShipmentAction actions. Both actions are set to invisible as they should not appear as separate buttons to the user.
  • After the SignReport action, the ConfirmShipmentAction will be triggered automatically.
  • The postAction is set to Refresh to ensure that the screen is updated after the actions have been performed.


Alternatively, I think a business event triggered by the signature, or whatever criteria you deem would suffice as well, and it wouldn’t limit signers to the mobile app, and could potentially open it up to other touch screen displays or digital signatures in the future.  ;) 


Hope this helps!




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