Missing standard toolbars (insert, delete, etc) on custom screen.

  • 23 March 2022
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I must be missing something simple, but I cannot figure out how to add the additional standard toolbar buttons (insert, delete, move next, etc.)  to my custom screen.  My screen shows the Save and Cancel standard toolbar buttons, but not the rest.

I’ve experimented with setting various properties for the datasource and form, but have not yet figured it out.

I thought maybe I selected the wrong template, but I created another screen to test and it also only had save and cancel.  Tried reading through the T220 training pdf and did not see anything.


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4 replies

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Nevermind, I think I just figured it out.  I had to add the additional declarations for those buttons in my graph.  I don’t remember seeing that in any of the Acumatica code.


        public PXInsert<MyDac> Insert;
        public PXDelete<MyDac> Delete;
        public PXNext<MyDac> Next;
        public PXPrevious <MyDac> Previous;
        public PXFirst<MyDac> First;
        public PXLast<MyDac> Last;

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@scottstanaland12  - thank you for sharing the resolution!

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Hi @scottstanaland12  Since this is a custom screen and to get the Toolbar buttons it is not required to declare each action in the graph. 

Please create a graph like below, default Acumatica will bring all these actions.

//provide a Primary DAC in the Graph in declaration

public class MyTestGraph : PXGraph<MyTestGraph, MYPrimaryDAC

    public PXSelect<MYPrimaryDAC> PrimaryDACView;


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@Naveen Boga Thanks for the note.  I added my primary DAC to the graph extension, and I no longer had to define all the actions.



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