Create a new field in Generic Inquiry of Payment and Check

  • 11 November 2022
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I want to create a new field in Generic Inquiry of Payment and Check. This new field is the sum of all rows in Grid Documents to apply as following:


Do you know which field is used to grouping in this case? and in the similar case, how could we know which field is used?



Any help would be appreciate.


4 replies

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Sorry for the title. I can’t update the title after Save :(

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Hi @mrthanhkhoi 

You can find the field using the inspect element on the screen.

In your case, you are searching for the field,  APAdjust.CuryAdjgAmt (Amount paid). 



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Hi @mrthanhkhoi  As you wanted to get the Total Amount paid value, you should not Group By with the Amount  Paid field. Please find the details below to achieve the requirement.


  1.  Make the join between ARPayment and ARRegister
  2. Group By with the Ref Nbr 
  3. Sum the Amount Paid value.

Attached screenshots.




Attached Generic Inquiry for reference → Please import this Generic Inquiry into your instance and verify.


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Hi @Naveen Boga , @jinin 

Thank you very much for your help. 

I am able to create new field which is sum of all APAdjust.CuryAdjgAmt (related APPayment).

The final goal is creating a calculated field with fomular: APPayment.CuryOrigDocAmt-Sum(APAdjust.CuryAdjgAmt).

I tried with it, but I get the error as following:



I made research on the internet and there is a guy said that I should create a “temp” column to store sum all APAdjust.CuryAdjgAmt then create another to do the Subtraction. But I can’t find the “temp” column in list field after I create it.


Do you have any idea?




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