Project Inventory Cost Budget by Warehouse

  • 22 March 2024
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With sales orders it’s easy to see if inventory is available and from which warehouse.  In projects there is not warehouse specified.  

We often need to make substitutions or transfer items to fulfill project needs.  

Current plan is to create reports and a dashboard to help with this, but what are others doing to handle this issue in a more direct way? 

Has anyone customized Projects so the Cost and Revenue budget areas can have some of the inventory features available on Sales Orders?  Or what other work around have you found?  

We are not using the Construction edition, but these are for small simple construction projects. But I’m also interested to know if the Construction edition has assisted with this issue.  

3 replies

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@bryanb39  If you are using Project-Specific Inventory you can get the inquires from this KB-How to review project-specific inventory quantity and cost | Community (


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That’s helpful for after we have inventory in the project location, but not before.  Maybe I’m missing something?  

We have general stock, usually not ordered by Project, so it’s not linked to the project until it’s too late for inventory planning and replenishment.  It is however on the cost budget ahead of time.  

We create locations for each project, so I’ll probably build a report that joins with INLocations and grabs the warehouse related to that project and then do the math to figure out availability.  

But hoping it can be done from the project or indicate which warehouse the budgeted inventory will be coming for to help with replenishment and more direct access to what’s available.  

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@bryanb39 most of my clients that i’ve worked with have used commitments and project specific inventory, however that only updates once inventory is received and tagged to that project (it shows as a commitment on the project).  if you are ordering material to general inventory, the system wouldn’t know if it’s allocated to any project because it hasn’t been received to a project location, just general inventory.  I am wondering if you could create a business event to transfer material from general inventory into the project warehouse location based off your needs.  


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