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  • 25 March 2024
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Is there a way to restrict employees access/logging into Test environment? We only want them to have default access to Live instance as most of the employees do not need access to Test environment.


I know you can restrict module access by using Access rights by role, but this still means the user can login to the test environment with restricted access, just wondering if there is another way to restrict logging into Test entirely. 




3 replies

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Hi @ajeeva ,

I could see mainly two options to restrict particular users from accessing a specific tenant or tenants.

  1. Simply, you can create only required users in the tenant. So other users won’t be able to access that tenant since they have no user login.
  2. If you have already created users in all tenants (live and test), login to the tenant (that you want to restrict the users) as an administrator and disable the user(s) from the users screen (SM201010).

There are two tenants in my instance ; Company and Service Company

  1. login to the SERVICE company as an admin user 
  2. Users screen SM201010 
  3. Select the user (bujacek)
  4. Disable the user

Now bujacek user is disabled for the COMPANY tenant but he is still active in the Service Company tenant.


Hope this helps!

Thanks Nuwan. 


We usually copy our Live instance to Test demo every once in a month to test payroll and other reports before we actually implement it in Live instance. This means Active users gets copied to Test and they can still access it. 

I hope it make sense. Would there be another way around it?


Thanks again,

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You can create a customization that loops through all users in your test environment and deactivates the users other than those you want to keep active.


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