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  • 11 October 2021
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Dummy Attribute

Description: The Matrix Inventory feature in 2020R1 and 2020R2 requires the Template Item to have 2 attributes (ie color, size) to create Matrix Items. In some cases eCommerce merchants only require 1 attribute (ie size). This customization package will allow you to create a Dummy Attribute to fill the second, unneeded, Attribute but not display that Dummy Attribute on the eCommerce site.

Works with: 20R1, 20R2


Both packages are available on Github as Open Source solutions. To download the .zip from Github, click “Code” > “Download as ZIP”.

  • Dummy Attribute - 2020R1 - Link
  • Dummy Attribute - 2020R2 - Link

Misc: This functionality was added to 21R1


Matrix Item Import Scenario & Convert Stock Items to Matrix Items

Description: This package support 2 different features which are related.

Feature 1 - The Matrix Inventory feature in 2020R1 and 2020R2 does not supported an “out of the box” Import Scenario. The following package includes everything required to import Products with Variants from eCommerce platforms to maintain the same product structure, SKUs and Product Titles. Additionally, the Import Scenarios make it easier to deploy large updates to many variant products and it allows you to override the core systems SKU/Description segment creation.

Feature 2 - Adds a check box to Item Classes for “Ability to Edit Template ID”. When this box is checked, items within the associated Item Class are capable of assigning a Template ID from within the Stock Item. This makes it possible for users to quickly/easily convert a Stock Item into a Matrix Item (child) of a particular Template Item (parent).

Works with: 20R1, 20R2, 21R1, 21R2


NOTE - the following ZIP is not the customization package. The ZIP includes many files including XLS templates, XML templates, a video showing how to use the tools plus the customization package.

  • Matrix Item Import Scenario Files - Download

Misc: Matrix Item and Template Item import scenarios were added in 21R1, however those scenarios are not as robust as what’s included in this package. Using this package is still possible with 21R1 and 21R2.

11 replies

Hi Team,

Is there any documentation and/or release notes on how to handle dummy attributes?


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Hello @bdanhardt83 ,

We are currently in the process of preparing KB. Please submit a case to your Acumatica support provider to receive instructions.

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Somebody will definitely look for the customization projects for Dummy attribute, and won’t find them following the links above, as the links above take you to the source code files.

However, the customizations can be found here:

Look under the Assets:


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Please find the information on how to remove dummy attribute after upgrade to 2021 R1 and later in the following KB article



Has there been any documentation / KB created for the topic above?  Matrix Item Import Scenario & Convert Stock Items to Matrix Items

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Hi @josh.fischer! Is the Matrix Item Import Scenario & Convert Stock Items to Matrix Items compatible with 22 R1? I don’t see that version listed above and want to verify before we upgrade the client’s system and try to run this.

Yuri the customization does not appear to work with 2021 R2.  Get an error when I try to open it.

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Has there been any updates on this? We just moved into 2022 R1 and want to know if this is still possible? Thanks!

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We have been unable to get this to work on 2022R1.  Has anyone else been able to do so?

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We need the Matrix Import Scenario for 2022R2 now, as well.  Thanks

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@sethkuhn25 @DavidEichner @brendan91 @alfred08 @hayleehicks18 Please check this article 



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