Shopify Tag import via Commerce COnnector

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Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I couldn’t seem to find the right answer…


Looking to see if anyone knows how to reference Shopify Tags on the Commerce Connector.

The screen in Sales Orders has space for shopify tags:


 In my Sales Order Entity (commerce connector) I want to pull in the TAGS from the SHopify order, but I don't know the SHOPIFY syntax for doing so, assuming it’s the [Keyword]:[NameSpace] or [Value] setting:


Any help is appreciated!



Best answer by brendan91 3 June 2022, 17:53

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@brendan91 Hey!  it worked.  who would have thought it would actually be that simple

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I actually don’t know, I just started with this company 2 months ago and I’m not an Acumatica guy, was an Oracle guy for 15+ i’m learning lots of new ‘things’. 

I looked at the .json code for the order before and the only “tags” that are referenced are these two:

This one under the Customer:

And this one under the Order:


I’ll try your suggestion...see if it works.

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Try Order Data > Tags

You can find the code for the order by adding .json to end of a URL https://(your company)


Was Document.UsrShopifyTags a customization? We don’t have that field, but we are on the same version


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@brendan91 we are on 2021R1, but it’s really more of a Shopify question...around how they store the Order Tags in Shopify and the syntax I need to use with the commerce connector to grab them.



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Sorry, I’m not able to answer your question. May I ask what version this is? 

I’m curious about that user-defined fields tab as well as this Shopify tag fields… is this 2022 R1?


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