Return Order Type for BigCommerce / Shopify Orders

  • 17 February 2022
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Hello folks,

I was wondering why RC order type was chosen as the only supported return order type for the Commerce Connector? It seems like RM order type would be better suited, as it allows for issues and for receipts, credit memos and invoices, it’s more versatile. One of our clients said:

The reason we prefer RM is that this Order Type allows both Operation types: Issue & Receipt AND it allows for an Invoice.

The other two types are more limited.

For instance, an RC does not allow for things like charging a Restocking Fee (Issue)

And an RR allows for an even exchange but not for an exchange where money changes hands (which is 80% of what we do)

What do you think about this? Are there any drawbacks of allowing to use RM order type for ecommerce returns / replacements?

Thank you!

4 replies

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@smarenich , I though I would mention you here, as I would expect your input on this.

@josh.fischer , your opinion is also highly appreciated here.

Thank you guys!

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@yurik05 Thanks for your question.

It was a simple decision. Out of these three order types, only RC has the default behavior of Receipt and AR Document Type as Credit Memo which is what everyone wants. When you import a return order the default behavior is that you want the items to be received from the customer to warehouse.

Also, we only allow importing of return orders so the operation issue is out of the question as it cannot be reflected in the external system. It is not bidirectional sync though the sales orders are bidirectional in BigCommerce.

Nevertheless, if your client is interested to do the issue operation and keep it just at the ERP level they could always go to RC order type and make the Operation: Issue enable which will allow them to Invoice for the issued items as show below. 


They could even create a new order type and apply it as the store level. The conditions for the commerce return order type are as below. 

  • Active
  • Automation Behavior = RMA Order
  • Default Operation = Receipt
  • AR Document Type = Credit memo
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@KarthikGajendran , sorry I forgot to mention you on this post. Thanks for providing your feedback. I will test the suggested approach and will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!

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Hi - I don’t fully understand the workflow described, but I’m launching our retail store on Acumatica with an integration into our ShopifyPOS. Does Acumatica NOT support exchanges done in ShopifyPOS? Or, what is the recommended workflow? We process exchanges of all kinds all the time. We’re going into our busy holiday season where there will be many exchanges of gifts. What are we to tell our customers that want to exchange something in our retail store?


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