Import tracking for dropship POs to automatically create/update shipments on SalesOrders?

Does Acumatica support to automatically import files from my vendors (on daily/hourly frequency) with tracking details for the our POs, and based of that to create a shipment to the associated SalesOrders dropshipped line items?


I guess this is very important for anyone that has BigCommerce connector and/or Amazon connector for FBM orders, in order to get the tracking out to the SalesChannel.


Also this should add the real shipping cost for that line item, to calculate accurate profit analysis.


The tracking file from our vendors contains:

PO Number, VendorSku, Shipped Qty, Tracking #, Carrier, ServiceLevel, Fright Cost


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@Jacob, I believe the story on my end won't be helpful for you. (We have gone a complete different route).


So I leave it to @smarenich (& your partners) to help you further with this matter. I'm sure you can work out something to satisfy your needs.

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Where did you ultimately decide to store the DropShip PO Tracking Number?  I am struggling with this.  Did you create a fake package on the Shipment?





Ok, great! I Will work on that!

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Correctly written Import scenarios can update Purchase Order as create a new Purchase Receipt.

Related to passing to the Shipment, in Acumatica, in case of Drop-Shipment, Purchase Receipt is acting like a shipment and will close the corresponding sales order.

Yeah, I'm aware of that scenarios.


My question is, can those tracking numbers be imported on the PO to automatically create the receipt, and also pass that info to create the shipment on the SO for the associated line items, to upload it to the SalesChannel?

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Hi @meir121218p 

Acumatica has tool that is called Integration Scenarios. Using this tool you can import file to the Acumatica on the regular basis.


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