Entity Usage Types 2022 R1 to mapping to customers in BigCommerce

  • 23 February 2023
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We would like to map the Acumatica Entity Usage Type field in a Customer Profile to the analogous field in BigCommerce’s Customer table, so that we can set whether a customer is tax-exempt or taxable from Acumatica. We use Taxjar as our tax solution, and to set a customer as taxable such that the Tax integration between BigCommerce and Taxjar will work properly to recognize the tax status of a customer, we need to either leave the field blank or fill it with “TAXABLE”. Any value other than Taxable in the BigCommerce field will send a customer tax-exempt value when Bigcommerce does an API call to Taxjar for that customer.

If we sync the field as it stands now, the value for taxable in Acumatica in the Entity Usage Type is “Default”, which if entered in the BigCommerce field will make that customer exempt (opposite of what we want). Is there a way to either update the pick-list for entity usage types in Aculatica to add “TAXABLE”, or for us to use some sort of substitution in the connector between Acumatica and BigCommerce?


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Hi @patrickACA you can use mapping to map the value like this:

But please note that if you want a new value in the Entity Usage Type, you should use customization to add it htere.

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@smaranrich I was able to use your logic on the import filtering to create an if statement to do the substitution when syncing the customer info to BigCommerce:  



This worked as expected such that in Acumatica any customers with the Entity Usage Type of ‘Default’ has the ‘TAXABLE’ value substituted, otherwise whatever is the Entity Usage Type value is mapped.


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@smarenich Thank you for your reply! It is the substitution from Acumatica to BigCommerce that is the issue for us actually. Acumatica will be the Primary. We have the Entity Usage Type controlled by Customer classes, but when we update our Retail customers from our ERP to BigCommerce we want to substitute the “Default” Entity usage type with “TAXABLE” in BigCommerce.Is there a way for us to use th Export Filtering so that if a value being exported is “Default” we can substitute “TAXABLE”?



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