The sub report parameter works only after the sub report be triggered

  • 19 January 2021
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      I’ve studied the article, but I do meet a issue. 

     I write a sub report, and want the sub report be displayed only when it is having count(lines)>0

        Per my test, only when the subreport be trigger at least once, will the

         subReport1_Count having value.


        Like below


3 replies

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I usually do this as a variable in my sub report to count the number of records there.  Then in the main report, under the Visible Expression I call my sub report variable 

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      Did somebody else meet this same kind of issue?
      It is a little bit frustrated if I have to call sub report twice, 

     The first time to get the varible be set value.
      Then, use the frist time’s result to control the the second time’s visibility.

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Thank you for helping me with this.
Yes, I also add the variable in my sub report to count the number of records
and also I call sub report in main report


My problem is:

$subReport_count will not have value, if I’d like to use it to determine the visibility  of the first call

I can use it, for the second call


So I make the first section invisible all the time, and using the first time’s result to control the second section.

it is working, but can I do it within 1 call?


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