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  • 22 March 2021
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Hello peeps.

I have been asked to test the Smartsheet integration and just wondered is it possible to test on a trial account or do I need to sign up to a Smartsheet plan? 

Also the information on the integration with Smartsheet seems sparse, if anyone has any extra detailed information it would be really cool if you could share that with me.

Many thanks


9 replies

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Carl, I too am evaluating this integration on behalf of a client.  You need access to Smartsheet Developer Tools to implement this integration which I believe requires a paid Smartsheet license.

I’ve also searched for additional information such as a configuration and users guide, including asking Acumatica Support; it apparently doesn’t exist.  A video posted by Doug Johnson on YouTube provides a nice overview but doesn’t provide the details I’ve needed.



If you connect with a SmartSheet sales person, they can give you access to a trial licence that can connect to Acumatica. The challenge is that the connector is supported by the community so there’s little support or documentation. Doug’s video and the information on GitHub are enough to get you started but there’s information missing.


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Hi, is anyone on here trying the integration with 2021 R1?


I’ve raised an issue on GitHub for the project as the install generates an error. @Doug Johnson kindly reminded me that as a community project support has to come from the community itself, so wondering if any of my colleagues have come across this issue or have a fix for it:-

(excerpt from compilation follows ...)

Validating Binary Files

Referenced field missing: action from PX.Objects.PM.ProjectEntry

smartsheet-csharp-sdk.dll Failed to resolve type reference: RestSharp.Extensions.MonoHttp.HttpUtility declared in RestSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=598062e77f915f75

smartsheet-csharp-sdk.dll Failed to resolve method reference: System.String RestSharp.Extensions.MonoHttp.HttpUtility::UrlEncode(System.String,System.Text.Encoding) declared in RestSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=598062e77f915f75

Validation failed.


Interestingly the customisation “Validates” fine when using the “Validate Highlighted Project” from the “Validations” menu of screen SM204505


Any thoughts welcomed ...

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As @GrahamMartin mentioned, this product is currently supported by the community. That said, we do intend to upgrade the customization project to support the 2021 R1 release. Timeframe for this will be provided as soon as possible.

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@GrahamMartin  We’re still evaluating it with 2020 R2, haven’t tried it yet with 2021 R1.

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@GrahamMartin  @JohnBeiler61 

The SmartSheet integration software on GitHub was updated 2 days ago.

The latest version works with 2021 R1. I was easily able to install and sync projects on my local instance. 


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In case anyone gets the following error when going to either “Project Preferences” or trying to access Projects screen PM3010PL after publishing Smartsheet integration, the fix is simple (at least in my case).

"We're sorry! An error has occurred while processing your request. A report has been generated for our technical staff to investigate the problem. Please try to repeat your request later. Thank you for understanding."

Reviewing the trace shows this:-

Error: | The type initializer for 'ListPMTaskAttribute' threw an exception.

The fix is to make sure you have a project and a task available when you publish the integration. Sounds obvious now of course but took me days to work out ...

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I have the SmartSheet integration up and running (2020R2).  I can sync to SS prior to entering any tasks, but as soon as I enter a task sync fails and I get the following:

End Dates on dependency enabled sheets cannot be created/updated.  Please update either the Duration of Start Date column. 

I have entered start and end dates, and tested multiple versions of updating these values, as well as Duration.

In addition the Synchronize Smartsheet process form is not appearing in the menu.  Any thoughts?

EDIT: I see that there is a long thread on variations of this error:

Smartsheet Integration Error | Community (


Hi All,
Had a bit of an issue getting Smartsheet to “GET SMARTSHEET TOKEN” from the profile screen
Revision 21R1

We had loaded up the Smartsheet customisation, created the App Profile in Smartsheet using our URL and App redirect URL as specified in the README on GitHub, loaded up the App Client Id and App Secret in the Project Preferences and got to the point where we need to GET SMARTSHEET TOKEN from a profile setting.  Clicking opens the GET SMARTSHEET TOKEN opened the… page where we clicked Allow and at that point got the following;

The URL that was loading up when the GET SMARTSHEET TOKEN button was pressed was;

Looking at the Trace the redirect had the following;,ADMIN_WORKSPACES,ADMIN_USERS,CREATE_SHEETS,READ_SHEETS,READ_USERS,WRITE_SHEETS, DELETE_SHEETS&state=ACUMATICA,djoyce@<Our Domain Name>.com,<Tenant>

So the final part of the redirect URL including the @…. did not appear to being loaded when the GET SMARTSHEET TOKEN was clicked.  To get Smartsheet to connect we took the URL from the Trace and loaded this in a separate browser window and then pressed Allow
All Connected :)

Maybe this has been addressed in the latest revision 21R2? This might help someone else in the future. 


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