How to receive deleted customers from Acumatica via API

  • 7 December 2021
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Hello Team,

Could you clarify, is it possible to receive deleted customers from Acumatica via API?
If yes, which endpoint (screen) it is necessary to use?

I opened Web Services Endpoints and didn’t find here the necessary endpoint.

Thank you!


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Hi @Andrew1986 

Please try like below,


Method: Delete

URL: Url/entity/Default/18.200.001/Customer/CUST01(provide customer Name)

Request: No Request



This example to remove the Customer or to receive removed customer from Acumatica?

Also I see you send the Customer ID in the request.
Is it possible to specify a period in the request and receive deleted customers by the period?

Thank you!

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Hi @Andrew1986 

The above request to delete customer. Not receive the deleted customer records from Acumatica. I will check and update you.


Okay, thank you!

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Hi @Andrew1986

Please find the below approach. It may help you.

  1. Create a GI with Customer table and add the date Filter condition and the DeletedDatabaseRecord as true.
  2. Check the Show Deleted records checkbox 
  3. Create a endpoint with the GI 
  4. Make a API call.

Url: Url/entity/EndpointName/20.200.001/DeletedCustomer?$expand=DeletedCustomerDetails

Method: PUT



    "FromDate": {

        "value": "2021-12-01"


    "ToDate": {

        "value": "2021-12-10"




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Hi @Andrew1986  There is NO default REST API is available to fetch the deleted customers.

As mentioned above by Jini, to get the deleted customers we need to come up alternate option to create a simple GI for deleted customers and make an API call to GI to fetch the results.



Thank you a lot!


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