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  • 4 January 2022
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I’m trying to import a note into the activities tab on the customer screen.  We had first visited this a while ago and support did provide an import scenario that did work for this.  The issue I’m having at the moment is that if the note is multiple lines, it is separate rows in my source excel file, and I’m having an issue getting the multiple lines together into one note.  When I run the scenario, the note is created, but the note body is just the last note line.  I tried using the same function that I had used when importing regular customer notes =Concat([BAccount.NoteText], CStr('\r\n'), [COMMENTS]), which does work in appending a row to the existing note, putting a CR/LF in between to put the note at the beginning of the next line, but everything I have tried using that method, doesn’t give me the required results here in the activity note body.  I can provide a bit more detail if needed, but just wondering if anyone has done this type of import into the activities, creating a note, with combining multiple rows/lines in the import scenario (for the same customer obviously) into one activity note having multiple lines in the note body.  

here is the scenario. It did come from Acumatica support and the red is intentional.  This does work to create the activity note, it just doesn’t work when the same customer has multiple note lines in the scenario.


5 replies

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Hi @rskieresz79  Can you please share the XML format of import scenario file.

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Hi @rskieresz79 

Will this be regular import to sync data from any external application or one time implementation activity? I don't see an option to append notes on import. It just overwrites previous note when you import multiple lines for the same Note summary.

You may just explore option to concatenate the data on source excel if its an implementation related import.


@Naveen B I’m attaching the scenario and a screenshot of the data in the import by scenario.  As I said, the scenario was done with the assistance of acumatica support a while back because we were having issues getting anything loaded in that activity screen!


@vkumar this is a one time load of notes from their old system.  I may need to do it for 2 situations, they have a lot of notes attached to customers!  They have what they call delivery notes and credit notes.  Anyways, I do have access to the export/source side, and have thought of what I can do there to help this, including putting the entire note into the one row (rather than spanning multiple rows).  That seems like it would work, and I did play around with that yesterday, but the one issue I was encountering was I was embedding a CR/LF ($0D0A$) in between the lines so that the lines in the body of the note would look readable:

Note line one

Note line two

Note line three, etc.


But I was having an issue with the data not looking correct in excel (the export creates a tab delimited txt file which I import into excel).  When it hit the cr/lf, if put the data on the next row in excel and I also tried doing a csv data provider rather than going through excel, but the CR/LF seemed to be messing that up as well.  If there was something you know of, that I can do or try so that doesn’t happen, or maybe something other than CR/LF that would work within Acumatica to get the rows to  appear nicely layed out, I’m open to suggestions!!  thanks.

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Hi @rskieresz79 were you able to figure this one out? Thanks!


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