Incoming Documents and Remove link on AP Bill

  • 25 August 2023
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We use Incoming Documents extensively (6000-7000 docs/month) for creating AP Bills.  When a document is saved and processed into an AP Bill, that file attachment gets linked to the AP Bill as expected.  The problem we are encountering is that normally on file attachments to a document, if you try to REMOVE LINK from the files page, it will not let you if that entity is the one and only entity the file is linked to.  However, in the case of Incoming Documents → AP Bills, technically that file is linked to an Incoming Document Entity as well as the AP Bill entity.  Because of this the link to the file can be removed from the AP Bill.  Imagine scenario where maybe one user is processing Incoming Documents and then a team of AP staff do further processing of the AP Bill.  If a user inadvertently clicks REMOVE LINK, the file is gone (I know not really deleted) and they have no idea which file was related to that Bill.  Although this doesn’t happen much - this is sort of a potential problem.

Anyone ever run into or come up with a good way to make sure people don’t inadvertently REMOVE LINK on a file I haven’t thought of?  I know we could probably customize that screen and remove that button/option from the screen, but that would impact that screen regardless of what entity a file is attached to which isn’t great way either.

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