How to create a sequential approval map for AP Bill and Purchase Order

  • 18 January 2023
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Our company, for both AP Bills and Purchase Orders, need to have a specific sequence of approvals depending on the dollar amount, and we do not want emails sent to subsequent approvers until the approver before has approved either of the transactions.  I notice on screen EP205000 that is hidden allows for the sequential approvals as wanted, but that the Preference screen look at EP205500 for the approval map which does not include the sequential approvals and also sends all the emails for the needed approvers at one time and allow for an approver to approve the transaction whether lower level approvals have been received or not.  Could it be possible to select which approval screen to use versus being forced to use the EP205500?

Also, it would be advantageous to have the Steps on the EP205000 screen similar to EP205500 for the ability to separate the different approvals depending on branches, tenants, etc.



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We are currently doing the sequential approval based on amount for Purchase Orders and works fine.

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@ricoybanez The need is very different I believe

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It is a question to Acumatica really. To the best of my knowledge, the Assignment Map screen (called legacy version under the hood) is abandoned. What is used in Acumatica’s workflow extension to the data entry screens is Approval Map which loops while a document is Pending Approval as per the defined Steps and Rules.


I can say possible no one other than those who wrote the Approval Workflow code has spent as much time as I have spent to develop a huge customization on it. Using Acumatica’s out of box functionality what I explained in my previous post is your only option.

If it is not satisfactory you will need to look at third parties Approval ISVs but you might find something only for AP Bills. Customization also is always an option through partners or independent technical people in community.


No strings attached but considering the great deal of work I have done on Acumatica’s Approval Workflow (~14,000 line code) I might have other creative workarounds if I better understand your needs. If you are interested please send a private message to discuss more.

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Certainly Approval Map follows the Step sequence and assigns based on the Rules. If you want a process be executed one after another then you will need to create steps for them. For example in steps you have Supervisor, Manager, Executive.   and for each of these steps setup the rules to assign to employees or workgroups.

If you are setting up one Step with many rules that you expect to be executed in sequence neither is best practice nor works. All rules of each step will be executed and assigned at once.


Thank you for your response but then why does Acumatica offer another screen, EP205000, with the sequencing but no steps to allow for the functionality I am referring to but it is only in the site map an not available on the UI.   Directions through Help wiki refer to this EP205000 screen and not the one they default to which is EP205500.  The approval mapping we have is quite extensive and to have to do a step for each level is extremely time consuming.  Is there not a better way??


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