How can I correct a Proforma if it already has been released and has an invoice associated to it?

  • 18 January 2023
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I created a Proforma and released it which created an invoice. This invoice was also released and it was in the “Pay” state. Later, I realized that the “Amount to Invoice” was incorrect. So, I created a credit adjustment for that invoice. Now if I run a Billing for the project the “Previously invoiced amount” is incorrect. I tried to go back to the Proforma to “correct” it but it gave me the below error message. 



I am not too sure where to go from here. Any ideas? Please and Thank you! 


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I am assuming that ARI000117  had an applied payment in Acumatica, the prompt tells you to reverse the applied payment of the AR Invoice before you can correct the Proforma Invoice. Hope it helps.

Thank you so much for your input, I will try that! 

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the workflow for correcting pro forma invoicing is very convoluted. to put it lightly, you ‘corrected’ your invoice wrong.


What that means is that any canned pro forma invoice design in the system ONLY tracks billings generated through pro forma invoicing. The correct workflow is below (and assumes you are on the construction edition utilizing Progress billing workflow)

  1. enter a negative billing through a project and release that negative pro forma invoice.
  2. The negative pro forma invoice creates a credit adjustment when released.
  3. Release and then apply the credit adjustment to the original AR invoice. 

From here you should be able to rebill the job to show the “previously invoiced” value correctly. 

I’m not sure if you have the 2 tier release setup for Proforma invoices, but if you do, someone at your company should have access to the Invoices & Memos module. If so, they can go in there, find the invoice you released & simply delete it (as long as it has not been released within this module as well). This should put it back into an open status where you can then edit! 

If the invoice has been released in both places, you can create a new invoice & zero out the released invoice by deducting what was billed, AKA a credit invoice. At this point you can re-enter your original invoice.


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