Asset Management with Inventory assigned to it?

  • 27 March 2024
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This is kind of an odd question, I was hoping someone might have an idea. Our Operations team has cages full of inventory that they send to a configuration center.

Our Ops manager wants to use the cages as an asset and have inventory assigned to it as a location, while being able to change the location of the asset… if that makes sense.

My boss suggested using the asset Module, which I am not to familiar with.

  1. Would you recommend the Asset Module, or a different way of doing this? 
  2. If you recommend the Asset Module, do you have somewhere to point me by chance that will explain it a little better to use it in the manner we need?


Thanks for your thoughts!


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3 replies

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Hi @mdmorgan85 ,

A fixed asset module is useful when you want to maintain the depreciation and usage of the asset.

As per my understanding, the operation manager wants to know what inventory is available in the cage.

You can add a cage as a warehouse, and can associate the inventory with it, in that way, you can know the inventory in the Cage.

If this reply doesn’t answer your query, please explain in detail.

Thank you.

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Hello @mdmorgan85 ,

In addition to @parveza33 ‘s comments… 

Using Standard Acumatica features,

  • Fixed Assets may be moved easily from one location to another.
  • Inventory stock may not be directly connected to a Fixed Asset except by setting the fixed asset up again as a Warehouse or Warehouse Location. In this case, the  Warehouse or Warehouse Location is not linked to the Fixed Asset record. Even if the asset and the warehouse have the same ID, they are not the same object in Acumatica.
  • Moving a Fixed Asset in FA module will not automatically transfer related inventory from warehouse to warehouse or from whse location to whse location without further transactions in Inventory module  to Transfer Inventory.

A customization would be required to link the Fixed Asset to the Warehouse or Warehouse Location. If the Fixed Asset is moved and you want to automatically transfer related Inventory, a customization would be needed to move the Inventory for you.

Maybe take a look at Container Management options, if the inventory cages move around frequently?  One idea.

Good luck!




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Thank you both so much! That absolutely explains what i needed.

You both are fantastic!


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