How to set a shipping rule that is different from the default

  • 8 September 2023
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Hi all, after going live with Acumatica this week I realize we have our shipping rule configured wrong. Originally we had the shipping rule set on the customer class set to Back Order Allowed, which allows the sales order lines to ship multiple times based on available inventory. I realize now at the line level the shipping rule should be Ship Complete, so we only ship the line a single time when the full quantity is available. However I also noticed there is a shipping rule setting in the branches screen that is set to Cancel Remainder. I do not see those setting being applied anywhere, but was wondering if someone could clarify how the Shipping Rule field on two different screens can say two different things?

Additionally I would like to know how to set sales order lines to ship complete, but have the back order status be applied to the order header if the full quantity is not available to ship. Also at the same time letting available lines to move to fulfillment if inventory is available.


Thanks in advance!

3 replies

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Hi @mralyea  Please find the details below.

  1. In Sales Orders, the default Shipping Rule is initially set to "CANCEL REMAINDER." Upon selecting a CUSTOMER, it will automatically retrieve the value from the Customers screen's Shipping tab, specifically the Shipping Rule field.
  2. If there is a need to update the Shipping Rule for sales lines in already created sales orders, kindly create an import scenario and execute it for the respective line items.
  3. For future Sales Orders where you wish to maintain the Shipping Rule as "SHIP COMPLETE," please make the necessary update in the CUSTOMERS section. This way, Sales Orders will continue to source the Shipping Rule information from the Customers screen.


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I have corrected the issues you addressed above. Now I have a follow up question. If we turn on ship complete at the line level and but still have a notion of “back order allowed” at the order level how would we set that up. An example would be some one order 4 blue shirts, and 3 yellow shirts both lines are marked as ship complete. We currently only have the yellow shirts in stock and would like to ship that line now. We would leave the blue shirt line (that is still marked as ship complete) open on the order until we receive that stock in house. Currently since making the switch to ship complete, the whole order is being held even though there are lines available to ship right now.

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Hi @mralyea  Please change the Shipping Rule “Back Order Allowed” for that order in the Shipping tab and check



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