Available for Shipping but not showing on Shipment

  • 29 March 2022
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Edit to Add: out of curiosity, I selected ‘Mark for Production’ and then deselected it and saved SO64 on Line 1. Line 1 now pulls to the shipment. This item has never been ‘mark for production’. Any idea why it would suddenly change?


Inventory ID WS881830 shows as 16 available for shipping. SO64 has open quantity 16 and SO76 has open quantity 35. We are trying to ship SO64 but it is not pulling WS881830 onto the shipment even though it is showing as available. Allocation Details attached as well as a screenshot of SO64. Any ideas why this is happening? My only guess is that it has something to do with the allocation type but don’t know what drives those fields. 



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5 replies

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There are fields on the SO Line that control the allocation type. It seems like you don't have them Marked for Production from your initial screenshot but perhaps you have them Marked for Purchase.


In the second screen it does look like all of your allocations are either Marked for Purchase or Marked for Production. 

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Sounds a bit like something got glitched then, but checking and unchecking the boxes should update the allocations. If it keeps happening I would check if you have any customizations that could be affecting it. 

We don’t use the manufacturing module so I can’t really speak to that specifically, but I would presume it works similarly to the mark for purchase which expects you to link a PO to the sales order and won’t pull from available stock. 

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Hi @mpowell 

Try run ‘Recalculate inventory’ for said item and warehouse combination ( warehouse where the quantity to be allocated/ available exists')

With regards to ‘Mark for production’ option, can you try create new SO, add the item and check if the option is getting selected by default for said item? Just to isolate if this is any data issue on one order or configuration related issue.


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@vkumar I was able to resolve the issue by exporting the sales order line item information and then reimporting the data on the same Sales Order. I’m going to keep an eye out for a reoccurrence in the future. 

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@markusray17 both Mark for Purchase and Mark for Production are unchecked. On the stock item manufacturing tab the default mark for and source are both ‘Purchase’ since this is a purchased item we turn around and sell. I selected ‘Mark for Production’ and then deselected it and saved SO64 on Line 1. Line 1 now pulls to the shipment. This item has never been ‘mark for production’.

What’s even odder is that both Sales orders were created within days of each other so I would’ve assumed they would have the same allocation type. 


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