Adjustment: IN Error: The multiplier must be equal to 0 or 1.

  • 20 June 2023
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Good day,

We are trying to adjust out inventory that no longer exist or has been used in an old warehouse that is no longer going to be used.  We want to reduce to the On Hand to zero and the close/deactivate the warehouse to avoid any new sales/purchases to this warehouse.

IN Error: The multiplier must be equal to 0 or 1.  I can’t fine a fix to this error to allow us to release the adjustment.  Any suggestions would be helpful

Thank you.

@Evan G 




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Hello EvanG,

I have some ideas for you, but perhaps not a full solution yet:

  1. See whether there are more errors in the trace.
  2. It looks like this is a multi-currency tenant. If so, make sure Currency Rate Refresh has been run for every currency, so there is at least one rate available to the system. I’m not sure mutli-currency is used in IN module; we want to rule out currency as a cause.
  3. Run Recalculate Inventory process for the items in the above batch and try to release again.
  4. Copy the batch above to a new batch and try to release again.
  5. Compare the total costs on each line of the batch to the Inventory Valuation Report for the same warehouse. If all items are being adjusted out of stock, we need 0 quantity and 0 cost left on hand. Each line quantity and extended cost needs to match the quantity and amount on the Inventory valuation report.
  6. If the above steps do not help, you may need to open a Case with Acumatica or your partner.

Good luck!




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Hello @EvanG ,

Here are a few more steps you might take to release your adjustments batch:

Check Inventory Allocation Details.  Do any of the items in the above adjustment have unfinished shipments in the system? 

Do the items in the shipment allow negative quantity?

If the items do not allow negative quantity on hand and there are shipments confirmed but not completed, please try deleting shipments, cancelling the orders, and then releasing the adjustments batch. 

Please let us know how this works out. Good luck!



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Hello @EvanG ,

If the above ideas don’t work, perhaps just Inactivate the warehouse.

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Thank you @Laura02 

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Please note that, this is fixed in 2021R208.  

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with zero on hand but -1 available, it sounds like you have demand for that item.  You would need to relieve that demand then the adjustment should go through.


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