Referencing the current POReceipt NoteText in custom workflow action

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I have a workflow action which I’m using to update the NoteText after transition from the state


So the New Value is set to the following in the workflow > state > transition properties: 

{Set Field NoteText} =Concat('XXXXXX happened at ', Now(), CStr('\r\n') )

Works like I would have expected, but that also over-writes the current note.  The hope would be to append, so I attempted this: 

{Set Field NoteText} =Concat([NoteText], 'XXXXXX happened at ', Now(), CStr('\r\n') )

This doesn’t behave any differently.  How do I reference the current/existing note on the current document (in this case on the POReciept)?  That way I can properly append my “log” entry.


ALSO: does anyone else experience a bug in the note updates where you have to refresh the screen to see the new result, as opposed to just opening the note to see the current value??


PS: This approach isn’t what I’d really like to do, as I’d prefer to have a more generalized audit log mechanism that would work like the manufacturing module’s “Events” tab for production orders.  If anyone is aware of a good how-to or sample on how to add a table to do this and bring that data onto a grid on a new tab, that would be really cool.  I may head down that path, but if someone is aware of a similar implementation I’d appreciate a pointer. Thx.



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Hi @matthewbeebe - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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