Import Scenario: Add SO to Newly Created Shipment

  • 22 May 2023
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Hey everyone, I’m coming across an issue where I can’t Add an SO to a newly created shipment (this newly created shipment is also being created by the import scenario). Essentially, our client is going to upload shipment information to Open SOs (defined by the scenario). I’ve uploaded the XML for your reference.

I’ve already tried to map the ADDSO and ADDORDER actions but I can’t figure out how to Add & Close or even simply just adding the SO. I’m thinking this is more complicated than I had initially thought. Please advise!


2 replies

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I have a similar import scenario and here are the steps I think you are missing.



I like to think through what the mouse clicks I would have to do manually to get the results. Also, remember that you provide the variables/parameter values before the action button (i.e. Action:AddSO at the bottom).

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@gusl - Do you normally have auto-numbering on for your SO’s and/or Shipments?  


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