How to select records from a table based on a UDF

  • 10 June 2022
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I have two UDF’s in the CRCase table.  Those UDF’s are derived from fields in a custom maintenance table.  The UDFs are ServiceTypeCD and RecordTypeCD and they come from the custom maintenance table.

When a user tries to delete a record from the maintenance table, I want to make sure that the record isn’t in use in the CRCase table (no references in CRCase to the record in the custom table).

This is the event I am using to trap this.

This is a BQL select statement that I would use if I was just pulling data from the CRCase table if I was not looking for a UDF in that table.  Just to make sure it compiles, I put CRCase.caseCD in the Where clause (twice).  These *should* be the UDF fields.  I don’t know how to reference the UDF’s in a BQL select for a standard Acumatica table.  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

		protected void _(Events.RowDeleting<SSGCRServiceTypes> e)
SSGCRServiceTypes row = (SSGCRServiceTypes)e.Row;

if (row == null) return;

CRCase finditem = SelectFrom<CRCase>.
View.Select(this, row.RecordTypeCD, row.ServiceTypeCD).TopFirst;

if (finditem != null && MasterView.Current != null && MasterView.Cache.GetStatus(MasterView.Current) != PXEntryStatus.Deleted)
e.Cancel = true;
throw new PXException(Helper.Messages.ServiceSupportInUse);



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5 replies

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Hi @joe21 

Please recompile the SQL view. SQL Servers store the mapping to the original column type when you create the view. Dropping and Recreating the view should solve the issue.


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Hi @Leonardo Justiniano 

That did the trick.  Hopefully in two years when this happens again, I’ll find this post when I search for help.  :-)

Thank you again.

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Hi @joe21 


You can create a SQL View with well defined column names that consume the corresponding UDF columns ( User Defined Function ?). Then having the DAC is routine.

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@Leonardo Justiniano gave me solution to my original issue.  I implemented the advice and it was working great.

After re-working the customization, I changed the UDF fields to be of type INT rather than CHAR.  This solution was working before, but now that I changed the fields to INT (using ID’s rather than strings), it does not work any longer.

It is a super simple SQL View.  When I do a select in Query Analyzer, it returns the expected result.  But the View in the graph is not returning any data.

This is the SQL View:

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[SSGCRCaseUsrServiceTypeIDInUse]

The corresponding DAC is:

    [PXCacheName("CRCase UsrServiceTypeID In Use")]
    public class SSGCRCaseUsrServiceTypeIDInUse : IBqlTable
        #region Casecd
        [PXDBString(10, IsUnicode = true, InputMask = "")]
        [PXUIField(DisplayName = "Casecd")]
        public virtual string Casecd { get; set; }
        public abstract class casecd : PX.Data.BQL.BqlString.Field<casecd> { }

        #region UsrServiceTypeID
        public virtual int? UsrServiceTypeID { get; set; }
        public abstract class usrServiceTypeID : PX.Data.BQL.BqlInt.Field<usrServiceTypeID> { }


I tried using a view as follows but it doesn’t return any records when I check the view in the rowselected handler (just to test)

public SelectFrom<SSGCRCaseUsrServiceTypeIDInUse>.
IsEqual<SSGCRServiceType.serviceTypeID.FromCurrent>>.View LinksExist;

I also tried getting the data with this but it also comes back null

SSGCRCaseUsrServiceTypeIDInUse finditem = SelectFrom<SSGCRCaseUsrServiceTypeIDInUse>.
    View.Select(this, row.ServiceTypeID);

While debugging, I verified that the row.ServiceTypeID has the correct value and that value exists in the CRCase table in the correct UDF.

I *could* go back and re-work it to store the CD value in the UDF as opposed to an INT value, but if anyone sees anything obviously wrong here, I’d rather not waste hours re-working it.  Plus, I don’t know for sure if that will even solve the issue.  It WAS working when searching by a string value.


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@Leonardo Justiniano 

Great idea.  Thanks for that!  That would be super easy.


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