UDF not showing data in Generic Inquiry

  • 12 May 2022
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I have a UDF in the CROpportunity table.  

This is the DAC Ext field:

	public class CROpportunityExt : PXCacheExtension<PX.Objects.CR.CROpportunity>
#region UsrOppCreateDateEdit
[PXUIField(DisplayName = "Created Date")]

public virtual DateTime? UsrOppCreateDateEdit { get; set; }
public abstract class usrOppCreateDateEdit : PX.Data.BQL.BqlDateTime.Field<usrOppCreateDateEdit> { }

The field is on the Opportunity screen and it saves data to the DB.

I have a simple GI that uses the CROpportunity table and pulls two fields:

When I view the GI, I get an empty column

Note that the screen shot with 4/28/2022 is on OP000396.

Any ideas why the filed comes up empty on the GI?


Best answer by Naveen Boga 13 May 2022, 05:35

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6 replies

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Out of curiosity, does the field value appear when using the DAC Explorer preview?  And was the field always defined as PXDBDate vs PXDate?  Finally, if you change the Schema Field on that row to another date field, does that make it appear?

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I inherited the customization project so I don’t know if it was previously setup as a PXDate type.

I just tried using a different field schema.  No change.

  When you say DAC Explorer, I’m not sure where that is.  Is this what you mean? (click the drop down list to pick the field in the Results Grid section of the GI)


In the project editor, the field looks like this.


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The DAC Schema Browser (not the DAC Explorer, my bad), if you have a recent edition of ACM, is under the Tools menu (top right).  It allows you to see the DAC fields, data types, etc. And on that screen, top right, you’ll be able to have the system generate a temporary GI with all of the fields in the DAC.


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There seem to be two different CROpportunity DACs - PX.Objects.CR.CROpportunity and PX.Objects.CR.Standalone.CROpportunity. Please verify if you are using the same DAC on your GI as on the screen.

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Hi @joe21  

Adding custom filed to CROpportunity DAC it is a bit different from other DACs.  We need to add this field to the PX.Objects.CR.CROpportunity and PX.Objects.CR.Standalone.CROpportunity.

Then only it will be visible on the screen. Please find the more info at the below link


Hope this helps!!

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Thanks @Naveen Boga. It worked.  Easiest fix ever to implement.  I probably will never understand why.


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