Documenting your customization projects - what do you do?

  • 15 April 2022
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I was contemplating how to document the contents of a customization project. I thought about adding a readme document as a File in the project. There are also Wiki options or perhaps a Code file that doesn’t get exported to the Extension library.

This might include a change log so that I can include that with the project in a way that someone else can look at without having to go somewhere else to read what’s new/changed.

How do you document your functionality and changes so that others can understand what the customization project is doing?

3 replies

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For me a readme is usually more than enough, but if I ever needed more I would probably use a wiki with a link in the readme. I don’t generally keep a changelog as the git commits mostly already cover that need.

I find it easiest to keep any documentation as close as possible to whatever source control you are using. 

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Hi @ddunn 

You can add notes to a customization project. I know many members of our team uses that to keep track of changes and such. 

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This is topical for us as well because we are defining our own best practices for customization packaging, publishing, and backup.  I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning towards a (markdown) file included in the customization package, as well as being stored in our source code repository (Azure DevOps) for that customization.

I don’t believe that notes on a customization project inside Acumatica will be exported into its package, so I wouldn’t recommend using notes for this purpose because of its lack of portability.


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