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  • 13 July 2021
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Can we use the viewBag in Acumatica?

or pass a value for example from Graph CAEntry to CAReleaseProcess 



5 replies

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Hi Sadok,

Can you tell us more about the requirement and process? There are different ways to pass state between graphs, but using a ViewBag is not possible.

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Hi @SadokHanini We have used sessions long back, please find the code below.. that may help you.


Store the value in session:

PXContext.Session.SetString( TOKENConstant , tokenIDvalue);

Read the value from Session:

string tokenID = PXContext.Session[TOKENConstant].ToString();


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@Naveen B I personally think using session state is almost always the wrong solution -- take a look at the business logic in PX.Objects.dll; this is never used except for very very specific cases.

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Yes @Gabriel Michaud  We have used this session concept long back for specific reason in payment gateways, and currently we are NOT using it.

Since Sadok is looking for the Sessions, I just shared here.

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I have no doubt you know what you are doing @Naveen B, and payment processing is one of the scenarios where I see it used in PX.Objects 😉

The reason I mentioned it is because there are new users on this forum and they often try to replicate the same patterns they used in other systems without first getting a good understanding of how to do things the “Acumatica way”. This always comes back to bite you later and you discover issues that require major redesigning


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