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  • 15 October 2020
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Hi All,


Just ask this forums that if anyone have an experience about modifying Acumatica User Interface. So, my team already create a new screen with Acumatica Framework. As you know that every Acumatica screen have limitations such as header part, tab part and etc.

So, if there’s any experience all the developers here that can create allignment between each part of the screen because we’re using multiple grid part for each data.

Please find attached screen for illustration.

So, drop me by an email or replying my chat if you can do this or need more information about this.

Any request of service regarding this, you can contact me privately.



1 reply

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Make all columns the same size in the form container and it should align.

Size of the column is the size of the largest element it contains.


You can use the standard size described here:


Standard sizes for Controls and Labels:

  • XXS (40px)
  • XS (70px)
  • S (100px)
  • SM (150px)
  • M (200px)
  • XM (250px)
  • L (300px)
  • XL (350px)
  • XXL (400px)

For special cases you can use CSS with the Style property to set a control position manually:

<px:PXLabel ID="lblCustomerIDH" runat="server" 
    style="z-index:107;position:absolute;left:239px; top:69px; margin-bottom: 10px;"></px:PXLabel>


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