Send notification to different levels of department based on the sales quote amount

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Hi guys.

I am looking for ideas on how to do the following:

We have 3 different departments with their own structure in terms of sales quotes. How can I ensure notifications are sent to the correct people based on the amount? For example:


Salesperson–Head of Sales- Sales Direcetor – Head of Department

Any quote greater than 150 000.00 Head of Sales should receive notification of quote

Any quote greater than 500 000.00 Sales Direcetor should receive notification of quote

Any quote greater than 2 500 000.00 Head of Department should receive notification of quote


Please note that this is not for approvals but rather for notifications.


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Thanks, I used these suggestions but after suggesting using opportunity classes (with attributes) to store the different levels of management that I cannot change the structure of the opportunity classes. So, I am back to square one.

I am currently studying workflows to see if it can be achieved this way. Any suggestions and resources would be appreciated.

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If other than sales person, those directors and managers are one person company wide you can hard code their emails into the GI design formula. If you need dynamic (you have multiple managers and directors) you will need customization. The best place in my opinion is to customize the Salesperson screen and add the hierarchy. Then in the GI use the customized hierarchy.

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I was able to use the generic inquiry to get the quotes by amounts but I am having a problem getting the email addresses... not sure how to link the correct person to each quote. For example how do I link the head of department to the quote?

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I believe you can create an inquiry with the Sales Quote list. Within the inquiry, add a formula to determine the email address of the user based on the amount of the sales quote. Then use that email field output from the inquiry in the ‘To’ section of an email notification linked to a Business Event.

Are you familiar with setting up Business Events based on an inquiry screen?


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