Acumatica Cloud ERP 2023 R1 with Microsoft 365 multi-tenants for login authentication

  • 7 March 2024
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Hi all,

Basically how do we integrate Acumatica Cloud ERP 2023 R1 with Microsoft 365 multi-tenants for login authentication via Azure AD? Is it possible to configure it? Currently, we have one tenant of Microsoft 365 for login authentication via Azure AD. 

My concerns with multi-tenants Microsoft 365 with Acumatica:

  • Will users login within the same Acumatica page?
  • Users access the same Acumatica application and database?
  • Any licensing cost will be incurred?
  • Any additional Acumatica application setup?

Appreciate for the advice. Thank you.


Our current login via Azure Active Directory



3 replies

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My understanding is that you can have multiple Acumatica tenants linked to the SAME Active Directory/Azure set-up.  So everyone needs to reside in the same Microsoft 365 AD tenant. If you have multiple AD tenants see this idea: 

Inside of each Acumatica tenant you can have roles mapped to different groups.  So that the access that a user has to one tenant might be different from another tenant.  The user will need to pick their tenant from the log-in page before they click on the “active directory” button.

To add new tenants to Acumatica, your ability to add new tenants depends on your license.  Each license contains a base number of production tenants.  If you need to add new production tenants, check with your VAR to see what your current license contains and whether you need to purchase additional tenants.

To keep everything separate, I’d do different sets of AD groups for each Acumatica Tenant like follows (you might still be using the same “role names” within Acumatica)

  Tenant A Tenant B Tenant C
Role AD Group AD Group AD Group
FinanceManager A-FinMan B-FinMan C-FinMan
AP Clerk A-APClerk B-APClerk C-APClerk
AR Clerk A-ARClerk B-ARClerk C-ARClerk


So if Employee X is in the “A-FinMan” + “B-FinMan” tenants she could log into either tenant A or B and she’d have the access granted by the Finance Manager role.  If they tried to log into tenant C, the system may create a user ID, but they’d have no access rights, since none of their groups are mapped to any roles.

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Hi @meganfriesen37 

Good day. We are unable to access the given link. Appreciate if you could assist us.


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Hi @chenwm - Certain areas of the community (KBs, Ideas, etc.) require your account has the role of customer or partner. Your role shows as a registered guest. You would need to work with whoever administers your business account on Acumatica CRM to change that or contact your designated support. 


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