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  • 23 June 2022
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It's great that we have such a vibrant Acumatica community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community is to respond to every member’s question so that no one goes away "empty handed".

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***Check out the below HOT KB tip***

Known issue: In Acumatica ERP 2022 R1 Update 6 through Update 7, users could not copy values from non-editable table cells in generic inquiries, data entry forms with tables, lookup dialog boxes, and other entities that contained tables


Shoutout to the following members who provided tips and assisted with unanswered questions this past week. Thank you for all your help!

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Think you have a potential answer, Jump In!

Help a Fellow Community Member Out!

Here's the list of questions that need response for this coming week. Hopefully with everyone’s help we can clean some of these up which may help others seeking similar answers in the future. Grab one before they’re gone:sunglasses: !


Multiple AP retainage reasons / lines

Kit Assembly Best Practices

Acumatica Distribution Edition - implementation - using vendor and cross reference tabs in stock and non-stock items

GI for Dashboard Widgets and linked inquiry screen

Unwanted page break ARM reports

3rd Party Disability Tax Payments

More silly mobile stuff - Unit of Measure in Pick, Pack and Ship workflow

WMS inventory entries don't go away once sold out…

Daily Field Report - Equipment Tab - Project Task

Order coming from Customer Portal skipped customized event logic

How to set up medical plan deduction(s) for ACA when there are 2 minimum employee contribution rates?

Adding Default to Vendor on Stock Items with multiple vendor options using Import Scenario

Call reverseApplication for Check and Payments Item

MFA differences in iPhone and Android devices


I am interested in how the community is using Acumatica WMS and their experiences with it. Please share!

HTTP PUT via REST API for Payroll Generic Inquiry fails " given key was not present "

Entries not showing on list the approvals screen

PDF looks different in internet browser vs Adobe

Question on Opportunity conversion to Service Order

Allocations for Production Allowed for Lot-Tracked Items

Update WCC Code in Employee Payroll Settings via Import

Aatrix Payroll Data Validation Error

Customized Native Login Page

Multiple columns in Report Designer

Using Mobile expense to calculate mileage and submit for reimbursement

Print pick list counter

Ship-to-Address are incomplete

Celigo - Tax Integration Errors

Need to distinct table column(Removing Duplicate values)

Creating a pop up to show various vendor pricing


Thank you all for your efforts! 

@Chris Hackett

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