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Hi everyone. 

It seems we get a decent amount of orders where the ship-to addresses are incomplete. That causes to notify CS. Then CS digs around by either finding a previous order or reaching out to the customer.
Then we'll be sure to edit the customer account in acu/bigc. Just slows the process down in general.
It's been discovered these only have a street number.
We think it has to do with the customer using an autofill feature (browsers unknown), but not selecting the full address choice. Maybe just hitting Enter and moving on quickly. Just a theory.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


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We’ve had the exact same issue in the past couple months but it seems to stem from our Big Commerce address validation - are your bad addresses coming from a connected web-store as well? Do you have any sort of address validation system in place? 

For us - this is a major nuisance as well, but not an Acumatica issue. Sales Orders are importing correctly, or at least with the exact information as provided at checkout. Getting people to pay attention to what they’re typing in for address information seems to be a harder and harder


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Hi @kyle90  

I was going to say the same thing, if there is a website attached, most times that is the issue, as it is feeding what was put on the order on the site. We have seen clients with address validation problems coming from Big Commerce. 

You are correct that it’s hard to get people to put in their correct info. 


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