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  • 2 March 2022
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I have added a second shift to my work center for 8 hours. My scheduling blocks are set to 1 hour in my Production Preferences. The second shift has its own calendar. I ran the APS maintenance. Then when I look at capacity, the work center shows 40 blocks of capacity. It showed 40 blocks when I had one shift. Now that I have added a shift I would have expected the capacity of this work center to increase to 80 blocks per week.

I have deleted work centers, re-added them, recreated calendars and runt he APS process each time and nothing changes?


Best answer by Debbie Baldwin 2 March 2022, 22:21

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8 replies

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@cwise52 - there was an issue but is has now been fixed in 2021 R2. You must be on 2021R208 or higher. 

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Thanks Debbie. I searched the knowledge base and known issues and I didn’t find it. Where should I have looked?

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. Updating tomorrow.



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Hi @cwise52 

Here is the Jira ID: AC-220296

Its not reflected on release notes or ‘known issue’ list as the list is filtered and does not include all fixes.


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@cwise52 - it may not have been published yet. I’m sorry for your trouble!! But yes - it should be in Known Issues. 

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Hi @Debbie Baldwin ,

No issue at all. poorly worded message on my part. I want to make sure we here at Copious are doing everything we can to troubleshoot issues properly. What I was really asking is advice if there is additional resources I should be using.

The community has been a great resource. You’ll see me here again! :)

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Upgraded to latest 2021 R2. The capacity looks beautiful. Thank you all!

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Hi There, I am coming across a similar issue in 22.208.001. I updated crew size, efficiency, added new shift to the WC. 

On Prod. Pref. I do have use crew size set to true. 

I then run APS Main. Process. 

None of these updates produce correct Total Blocks on the Work Center Capacity (AM405000) screen. 

I am wondering if this issue is back in the build I am utilizing…? 

​​​@Debbie Baldwin - any update on @EMADSSWK66 ‘s issue? Thanks in advance!


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