Does anyone know how to get Cheks to print in Alphabetical order?

It looks like they are set to print with the Acumatica Ref # order.

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Sort them before printing.

Using 2021 R1 here. 


I tried sorting before printing using the Vendor Ref column, still came out in the system generated order. We sorted by vendor, checked the bills we wanted to make checks for, hit prepare, went to processing, sorted by vendor, hit print, but the check output was still in system order.


Are we no longer able to control the order or did I err somewhere in my process?

We have also tried sorting all the screens but no luck...

Sorting worked BEFORE we upgraded to 2021 R1. I think this feature is now bugged, moved, or intentionally deprecated to make our lives harder :D

I sure hope someone knows how to fix this. We’re printing hundreds of checks daily and not having them in vendor order is error prone and costly.

I’ve posted a Product Idea related to this...(if you could upvote).  We are also having problems and are using 2021 R1. Thanks!


Oh no!  We are getting ready to upgrade to 2021 and have seen that the Checks Pending Printing sort is fixed there now just to find out that check sorting order is broken on 2021 R1.

Has anyone put in a support ticket on this?

I haven’t.  I just had the product idea posted since I started with 2021 R1. 

@rsudkamp69 @Michael Hansen   Which of the check printing reports are you using and do you know if the sort is affected on both of them?  I haven’t gotten a dev version of 2021 set up yet to test mine on.

@kmckenzie The check register still sorts based on the payment reference number for us.

We have a customer on 2021R1 and the checks print in Vendor ID order not alphabetically by Vendor Name and it is very annoying for them.  Sorting alphabetically by vendor name (or customer name) should be an option on all reports in AP and AR.


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