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  • 23 August 2022
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I would like to add an upload button to be able to upload an excel file with the lines an AP payment should be applied. 


What do I need to do in the customizations? 


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4 replies

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@Jeff96 Try creating a graph extension for the class that defines the view where you want to add the Upload button. I guess it is the Documents to Apply tab where the Adjustments view is the one:

In this case, the Adjustments view is defined inside the MultiCurrency graph extension, so, try something like this to override it by adding the PXImport attribute on top of it:

public class MultiCurrencyExtension : PXGraphExtension<MultiCurrency,APPaymentEntry>
public PXSelectJoin<APAdjust,
LeftJoin<APInvoice, On<APInvoice.docType, Equal<APAdjust.adjdDocType>,
And<APInvoice.refNbr, Equal<APAdjust.adjdRefNbr>>>,
LeftJoin<APTran, On<APInvoice.paymentsByLinesAllowed, Equal<True>,
And<APTran.tranType, Equal<APAdjust.adjdDocType>,
And<APTran.refNbr, Equal<APAdjust.adjdRefNbr>,
And<APTran.lineNbr, Equal<APAdjust.adjdLineNbr>>>>>>>,
Where<APAdjust.adjgDocType, Equal<Current<APPayment.docType>>,
And<APAdjust.adjgRefNbr, Equal<Current<APPayment.refNbr>>,
And<APAdjust.released, NotEqual<True>>>>> Adjustments;


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@Jeff96 Can you help a non-programmer understand how your customization will differ from the existing Excel button?


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@Jeff96Can you help a non-programmer understand how your customization will differ from the existing Excel button?


I’m also not a programmer… There is currently no excel upload button, only a download button.

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doh, I confused buttons.


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