System queues monitor - queue size is possibly exceeded

  • 8 June 2022
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Hoping someone can help. I wonder if I can have a few ideas on how to resolve/investigate this case as we are experiencing this issue to one specific site. The queue size is overloaded not letting a business event get triggered.


I have tried cleaning the queue and restarting the dispatcher, and it works fine, however, the next day I checked the business event history and no further events had been triggered so I updated one customer to ensure it was still working and it didn’t work. Then I manually cleared all the queues again as I did previously, retested the customer and it worked…


how can we optimize the system so this will run as it should?

Furthermore, I’m comparing a few GIs and Business events but I have no idea what is causing this as the GI has only a few records. 



Thanks !


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Hi, @jeffersonmacedo  There are a couple of reasons for this issue.

  • Push Notification associated GI, may have bad joins getting the huge dataset and cause this issue. (Push Notification is should be as much as simple like without joins,group by and etc.)
  • Also, we need to review the Business Events, it may trigger frequently, and trying to insert the details into the set.  
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Thanks for your reply @Naveen Boga . I’m currently checking the GI’s


About the Business Events, do you think the configuration below should be an issue? We have 3 similar records linked to the GIs according to the Credit %


The other 2 Business events and GIs have a similar configuration and returns less than 20 records.


is there any way we determine which process is overloading the queue?

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Hi, @jeffersonmacedo  Business Event configuration looks good to me.

As you are saying their similar records liked to GI, can you please check when BE is triggered, and how many records are getting affected in the GI?


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@Naveen Boga   Each Business Event has it’s own GI, so once the field is changed it is supposed to get triggered only to that record. 

However, I can see the option “Raise Event” is set as “For each record” in Business Event’s screen, so is it going to run against all records even if it hasn’t got changed? It’s my first time investigating this screen and I couldn’t find the definition of these options on Acumatica Wiki. 

Also I noticed the dropdown seems to have a misleading sequence:


The GI sent previously returns 24 records, second GI returns 17 records and the third 23.

I was trying to find out how to export the latest messages sent to MSQS, maybe it helps to find out where the issue is coming from?



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Hi @Naveen Boga 

I resolved this issue after exporting the messages from MSSQ and then I could identify the culprit business event.



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Hi @jeffersonmacedo  Great :) Thanks for the sharing update.


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