Error sending Email using Oauth 2.0 modern authentication

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I configured emails using azure Modern authentication. On email address I specified which I used to sign in to the azure application.
On reply address I specified, still an account in office 365.

I tried to send email now using but got the following error in Acumatica.


It seems I cannot send emails through the created application using any user.
Could I have left out any permissions, or what might be causing this?

Kindly assist 
Thank you all.

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I'm thinking maybe the account you sign in with needs to have delegated Send As or Full Control of the Reply mailbox.

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I'm thinking maybe the account you sign in with needs to have delegated Send As or Full Control of the Replay mailbox.

I had specified the following delegated permissions on the account I signed with i.e.



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No, those are graph permissions.

You can delegate one user as having permissions to a mailbox, meaning they can sign in with their own credentials and access a different mailbox.

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Hi @development93 ,

I hope you have completely configured Azure Settings, after this, in System Email Account Specify these settings




If this is not working please share the error which you facing.

Thank you.


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yeah, I did all the above.

the error I am facing is;

But am trying to manipulate the permission as @darylbowman suggested.

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Hi Michael,

I noticed that your screen shot does not show any server for outgoing mail server. It should have one.

Also, I am not sure the retry email address is checked. My understanding is that it should not make any difference what address is used for the reply. I recommend the following test: use the same email address for Email Address and Reply address. If you get the same error then the reply address is out of the picture and the issue is with the Email address. 


Was this error sorted?




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