BigCommerce Variant Option Type:Swatch Image from attribute

  • 16 September 2021
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I am settling up a connection to BigCommerce and have template items which are syncing with BigCommerce using the connector.


I have attached images to my attributes used in the  configuration of my matrix item and would like these to sync with the Variant Options in BigCommerce. Does anyone know if this is possible please?







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9 replies

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@mbrown30 You should be attaching the images to the actual matrix items. We cannot export images from variants options to BigCommerce(BC). 

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Hi Karthik


Thank you for your reply. 


I am attaching the unique image to the Matrix item and that is passing over to BigCommerce and being displayed as the variant is being selects. 


What I want to do is push the image associated wit the attribute to the variant option to create a selector as per below. I can do this manually on each product on the BigCommerce side but ideally would pull this from the attribute where I have attached the image.


I looked at the BigCommerce API documentation and I think it is probably the endpoint Acumatica is already using.

type: “swatch”


and inside

array in each object from the array you have to set the image URL in

value_data and presumably upload the image via webdav. 


I am not very technical so I am possibly very wrong.








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Hi Matt, 

At this point of time, we only support Variant Option Type: Dropdown. But if required, you can go to BC and  manually and update the type to swatch. Please note you have to be in the latest version to do so otherwise next time when you sync from Acumatica it would be overwritten and changed from Swatch to Dropdown. 

Also, I assume that you not only want Swatch to be supported but also Pattern as shown below. Only with Pattern you could upload the file(image). 

Please confirm. 


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Hi Karthik


Thank you for confirming. Yes I plan to use patterns to upload images, I will manage it manually as you suggest. 


 Thank you again



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Hi @KarthikGajendran  


We have a similar requirement received from a client of ours. Is this going to be supported in 23R1 or the near future?  Any thoughts here please? 





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Hello Karthik,


Currently setting up a client switching over to BigCommerce, does Acumatica allow Swatch Variant types or are we still only able to do so via dropdown? → Then change to Swatch in Bc



We were manually switching the variant options from Dropdown to Swatch with Acumatica version 2019R2 and after setting up the swatch patterns, syncing was working properly. When we then upgraded to Acumatica version 2023R1, it would reset the variant option back to Dropdown as mentioned above by Karthik Gajendran. He mentioned you have to be on the most recent version or it would do this. Karthik, did you mean the most recent version of Acumatica or BigCommerce? 

When we were using Acumatica 2019R1 it worked fine as long as the swatch was setup after the original template was synced. Now that we are using Acumatica 2023R1 with the same BigCommerce site, it is automatically reverting all of the color options switched to Swatch back to Dropdown and we lose all of our swatch setup. Because of this, we had to disable Template syncing and now have to setup new templates manually in BigCommerce. We also had to start using Sales Price Sheets to maintain the SKU pricing on the matrix items because the default price was synced when templates were synced. We would love to be able to go back to syncing Template Items in Acumatica but can’t do this if it is going to override our Swatch options to Dropdown. Since you mentioned it can be done as long as the versions are current, is there a version of BigCommerce we should be on?

Any input would be appreciated.

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We just tested in 23.112 and the swatch remains as such in BC. Below are the scenarios tested. By any chance do you fall in the 5th scenario? 


Validated with 23.112 – Passed

Validated scenarios:

  1. Export a Template Item to BC, Change Option Type to Swatch in BC, Update parameters in ERP, sync  => Swatch option type is kept - passed
  2. Add new variant value, do not create matrix items, sync => Swatch option type is kept – passed
  3. Delete existing variant value, sync => Swatch option type is kept – passed
  4. Delete a matrix item (s), sync => Swatch option type is kept – passed
  5. Add attribute value in ERP, add new matrix item which utilize the value, sync => Swatch option type is changed to DropDown – passed
  6. Add new matrix item for existing attributes values in ERP, sync => Swatch option type is kept – passed
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@KarthikGajendran, Is there a plan to support swatch/pattern as variant options in the future?


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