BigCommerce / Acumatica sync issue - Sync won't process or result in error

  • 15 June 2022
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Hello! I’m having an issue with the sync between my BigCommerce store and my Acumatica Sandbox environment. I have a customer that will not sync to Bigcommerce. Previously it had been syncing to our Bigcommerce stores, but I believe that at one point the account on the Bigcommerce side had been deleted. Now, when I go to process data (or sync from sync history), the sync runs indefinitely. It does not throw an error, it just keeps going with no result. I’ve tried re-creating the customer in BigCommerce and changing the external ID on the sync to match the new one. That did not clear up the issue. Any ideas? 


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Hi @sconnolly  - you mentioned that the BC account may have been deleted.

Is it possible that the API keys which were used to connect the 2 in the past is now deactivated?

I would go to Commerce > BigCommerce Stores > navigate to the appropriate store.

Then use the “Check Connection” button to ensure your previous connection is still working.

If not, you may need to create a new set of API keys within BC and establish the connection again. Let us know if that works. Thanks!

@josh.fischer Hey Josh! The connection is still up and working, and actually other profiles are syncing. Items and other customers still sync. It’s literally just this one customer I’m having an issue with. 

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Ah, ok, great.

Based on what you said before, it sounds like this 1 customer was syncing at one point, but it’s no longer syncing now. If that is true, then I’d look at a few things:

  1. Go to Commerce > Entities. Make sure you are looking at the correct store (if you have multiple). Select the Customers entity. Then look and see if there are any import/export filters or mappings which are negatively impacting that one node of data. Maybe you are filtering out customers of a particular class, and that one is (incorrectly) being filtered out.
  2. If that’s not it, go to Commerce > Sync History. Look at “All Records” and filter down to the Customers entity. Find that particular customer. Check the box and “Delete” the sync. This will not delete the customer record. It will delete the synchronization of that customer between the eComm site and Acumatica. Once you’ve done that, then run the Customer sync again. Use Prepare Full, then either process all the customers or find the particular customer and process it. You are simply re-establishing the sync of that customer.

Let us know if either of those worked for you. Hope this works!

@josh.fischer There’s no filtering issue that I can see. And when I prepare, it comes up as ready to process and not in the filtered section. I’ve now tried deleting both that individual records sync record and (when that didn’t work) clearing the sync data for the whole customer entity. Still running into this issue. No error thrown, just running indefinitely. Thank you for your help! It’s much appreciated. I can’t seem to figure this out

When I navigate to system monitor while trying to sync, these are the reported events. It looks like it runs into some type of error, but for whatever reason doesn’t stop trying to sync. 

@josh.fischer Any other ideas? I’m still stumped. 

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Hi @sconnolly - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!

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@josh.fischer Any other ideas? I’m still stumped. 

Hello @sconnolly, I did faced such type of issue where my customer records were not getting to be prepared to be exported from Acumatica after trying to prepare them from the Prepare Data (BC501000) form.
But, 1. Upon clearing out the Sync data from the Entities (BC202000) form of the Customer, 
2. Adding new filtering/mapping conditions
3. And then again preparing the data to be exported, it worked.


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