Project Transactions Not Posting to GL and Vice-Versa

  • 28 March 2024
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My company uses ADP as a 3rd party payroll provider and we have been importing the payroll transactions manually.  Labor is billed to jobs as at a blended rate (labor and overhead together, aka conversion costs) and a correspond offset account is used so that actual labor and overhead costs in SG&A are netted against it.  

The problem is, that Acumatica wants to apply both sides of the transaction to a job which ends up netting out to zero.  Both the debit and the credit hit the job so that when looking at project budgets in the Construction module no labor costs appear.   Worse than that, if you separate these out into two different lines in Project Transactions with the first line posting to the job and the second posting to X, the non project code, this transaction somehow doesn’t show up in the GL.  

How should we go about resolving this?  Is it because both of these are considered Expense accounts? Is there a way to set up a new Account Group for the labor absorption offset account that doesn’t get allocated to projects?  Any help is appreciated.


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@JHovey can you share if the debit and credit accounts are the same in your transaction? Also, are both GL accounts in an account group?

@iqraharrison48 The debit and credit accounts are not the same. I think I’ve realized the problem since writing my original post.  Both accounts were in the same account group (Labor).  I’m guess if an account has an account group attached to it, this is how Acumatica decides it needs to be applied to the job/project budget.  Removing the Account Group from the credit account altogether should fix this, correct?


Now the question is, what is the best way to go about fixing this for previous entries.

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@JHovey you are spot on! if both GL accounts are in an account group, then both would hit the project.  taking it out now will prevent transactions moving forward.

fixing the older transactions, you could do a one sided project transaction to the GL account that is still in the account group to update the project balances.

Hope this helps!

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Also, by default, time cards do not post to the GL.  They will create the PM transaction per the Time & Expense Preferences, but unless an actual project is on the time card, it won't create a GL Batch.  Thus, time cards with project X won't create a GL batch, and won’t show on a project.


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