Update Item Configuration Key Fields with Import Scenario

  • 7 October 2022
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I’ve done many different import scenarios and regularly make mass changes to our item configurations as we’re preparing for go-live with Acumatica Manufacturing and finalizing how everything will need to be structured. However, I’ve run into this problem that I can’t resolve.

We have about 600 configurable items, each with close to 200 lines of options, so making any changes manually is really not an option.

Currently, all the configurations are set to revision “0” and are in the pending status, so I can make any needed updates with an import scenario. 

However, once we are live with this, we’ll need to increment the revision number on all the configurations whenever there is a change, which happens frequently.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my update scenario mapping below. The line circled in red is the one that is causing the error. I’m simply trying to take the value from the data provider and increment it by 1. 

The error that it throws is

“Error: 'BOM ID' cannot be empty. Error: 'BOM Revision' cannot be empty. Error: 'Inventory ID' cannot be empty.”

It appears when I’m passing in the revision number which is a key field of the configuration record, it’s attempting to create a new configuration record.


I’ve encountered a similar issue when trying to update the AMConfigurationOption “Label” value with an import scenario and have never been able to resolve it.

It seems the issue is that it doesn’t allow updating of key values of the record. This would make sense, since those have to be targeted earlier in the import scenario to identify the unique record. Then when you attempt to replace that with a new value, it loses the record identification.


Any help would be appreciated!


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Hello, I found a similar answered post that may help you. The previous poster was also having trouble updating the Revision ID field on a BOM via import:


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Hey @laura01 , I wasn’t able to get any helpful information from that question. I commented on it, asking if they could share screenshots of the scenario’s that they used that might give me some ideas, but haven’t gotten a response. 

I would’ve thought doing bulk configuration revisions is a very common business requirement that should have a known solution.

Thank you,


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Hi @MichaelShirk, First step i create the BOM under a new revision without any details since i couldnt do it, see import:

Then i add operations to the new BOM:

Here is another import i use to update existing BOMs


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Thank you @ldancziger ! 
It’s annoying that it’ll take two separate import scenarios to increment the revision number, but at least it works! 

I may open another topic at a later time to see if anyone has ideas on how to update the Option Labels. Since our configurations will all be created and updated via an API, the inability to change the naming of options in the Configuration Entry screen is not an urgent issue.

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I may be because revision is a text field.  Have you tried converting revision to an integer.  CInt([Revision)+1

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@dgodsill97 great point! I will test that and provide an update on the results.

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I may be because revision is a text field.  Have you tried converting revision to an integer.  CInt([Revision)+1


 @dgodsill97  I’ve tested this, and the issue still persists. Thanks for the idea though!


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