Ability to update start/end dates on Production Order Details

  • 1 August 2022
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Would anyone know if there is a posibility to update the start/end dates on an operation itself? i know you can update the actual work order but i would like to have seperate dates for each operation so each team have there own start date.





Best answer by Debbie Baldwin 1 August 2022, 16:36

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9 replies

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HI @ldancziger  

The start date and end date, which are system-maintained values. Based on the scheduling settings, the system will schedule the production order and determine the start and end date.

The only way that I found to change them is on the Production Order Maintenance, You can select Scheduling Method: User Dates and adjust them there. The actual Production Order will not allow you to change the dates. 


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I guess it is not possibel! But I also think this is correct. I think it makes no sense to change manually a Start or End Date of an single work order. It should always be the target to setup the systen in the right way, that the system will do automatically the start and End date scheduling for several work order based on availabel capacity. In this case nobody has to do manual actions 😉

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@TimWehrle32 I understand what you are saying, but we do want each operation to have different start dates (obvousally within the date range of the start and end dates of the work order) so every department working on this work order knows when they are needed to start working on it.

I understand the target should be to be automated, we can set these new dates based on our company rules from teh API integration. 

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@ldancziger understand. So seems to be that you schedule ouside ERP in 3rd- party tool and give the schedule dates back to Acumatica (but into operations)?! Interesting szenario! I have no experinece on that process. Let me know if you will find a solution 😀 Thx. a lot. 

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@TimWehrle32 Thanks 

If anyone knows if there is a way (or confirm there isnt...) would be greatly appriciated

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@ldancziger - these dates cannot be manually updated. If you are using: 

  • Infinite Schedulling - then if you change the date on the Production Order (start on, finish on) then these dates would get manually calculated based on the Hrs/Piece x Quantity on the opreation. 
  • Finite Scheduling - these dates get set when you run Rough Cut Planning. 
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Thanks @Debbie Baldwin for jumping in. im not quite sure what Infinite/Finite scheduling is but i guess you are confirming that with basic Acu functionality its not doable. 

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This has come up numerous times with clients who need to manually set the operation dates. 

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Curious thread…


I’m struggling with the general scheduling method, the whole Infinite Scheduling and Finite Scheduling doesn’t fit our needs.


Our needs : Capacity based scheduling that accommodates parallel scheduling ( hopefully I’ve used the correct terms ) All of this is currently available in a system I designed many years ago and continues to run quite well but we’d like to move as much of it as we can into Acumatica, for a whole range of reasons though mostly for financial reporting.


At this moment, via a very basic customization, I’ve managed to make the Start Date and End Date available for manual data entry and have extended the Manufacturing end point to include AMProdOper


Using Postman, I’ve been able to illustrate that I’m able to insert and update records within the AMProdOper.


Is there a way to simply disable the scheduling function all together? Doing this might open the doors to many other users who can figure everything out on their own using their own preferred methods and make a lot of people happy.


Thoughts? Insights? ;-)



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