No invoice Generated when releasing AP Retainage

  • 27 January 2023
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Tried to Release an AP Retainage, the process shows successful but no Invoice generated under Bills and Adjustments.


Best answer by ricoybanez 2 February 2023, 02:22

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7 replies

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Hello Rico,

Please show a picture of the Release AP Retainage screen with at least one AP Bill with unreleased retainage amount, so we can see what released retainage is expected.

Please confirm that the user who is releasing retainage has rights to create AP Bills (Insert or Delete access rights).

Do any warnings or messages appear on the screen when Release aP Retainage is processed?  If so please include the error or warning message here, and also check Tools, Trace for more details. Thank you.



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HI @ricoybanez 

Just to verify the steps you are taking, you are going to Payables> Release AP Retainage, then choosing the Bills you want to process

Once they process, are you getting the green processed completion?

If so, then they should be appearing in your Bills and Adjustments.


As @laurabarber08  please post any error messages you may be receiving and what exact steps you are taking so that the community could help you further. 


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All process were done accordingly, release of retainage done successfully, refer to screenshot below, but no Invoice Generated in the Bills and Adjustments.



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Hello, I think I see a bill created in the above screenshot. If you scroll across to the right in the above screenshot, can you see the new Bill #?

If you see a Bill number then the bill was created.

Where are you looking, to find the Bill? Check filters on AP Bill screen to make sure the results are not filtered by Bill Status or Vendor or AP Account, etc. Then check Branch Access to make sure you have access to see the new bill.  Ask someone who is Administrator or Accounting/Finance Supervisor whether they can see the new bill.

Please let us know what you find. Thank you.

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The Invoice Number you can see at the right is the Original Invoice Number of the Vendor. I already filtered the Vendor ID in the Bills and Adjustment the first time I run the process but to no avail.

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Just to sharing on how I solved the issue, there might be same issues related to this in the future, I successfully generated the Invoice for the Release of Retention under Payables.

Steps made.

  1. GL Account code of my Retention Payable is not tag as Control Account
  2. GL Account code of Retention Payable should not be added in the Account Groups.


Thank you to all those who spent time to reply to this post. 

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @ricoybanez !


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